I have decided to create a blog strictly to share valuable information that has been so freely given to me.

I know that there is a lot of hurt and a lot of suffering in the world. I also know that if I am willing to share my testimony that there may be even just one person who may benefit from it.

All I want out of this blog is to help people. Period. That’s it.

You will notice that this blog is extremely anonymous. I have made it that way for a purpose. I have tried blogging in the past and I have noticed that it is harder for me to write about what I truly desire sharing if I know there is a possibility for someone to know who I am and everything I share about my life. This idea sits uneasily with me. So, to better help you I will not be giving my name or contact information on this site; which you won’t need anyhow.

I will write posts about the following subjects: PTSD and how to cope with that. Alcoholism and how I have been getting through it, including my 12 step work. Bi polar disorder and what I have learned about the disorder and what is helping me cope. Trauma.

I am currently undergoing out-patient treatment for Bi Polar Disorder (which I would rather refer to as manic – depressive disorder), PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), Addiction, Anxiety and Panic Disorder, as well as Trauma. I go three times a week to treatment classes, as well as to an AA meeting every Saturday night. In treatment I am given countless hand outs; each hand out covers the information the therapist taught on in that specific group (all groups I am in are geared towards the subjects listed above). So, I will be sharing the hand out information along with how it relates to my specific case in order for you to get the EXTRA help and support you may need/want right here online.

Please keep an honest and open mind without judgement.

I will be thorough and factual with my writing in order to make the information as factual and as true as possible. I will make it clear when I cross over into my own opinions or experience.

I am in no way stating that simply relying on the information I provide is sufficient if you struggle with the things I struggle with. I am not interested in enabling anyone. I have a firm belief that mental health is to be taken extremely seriously and I compassionately ask for you to call 911 or the Crisis Line if you are having thoughts of or have recently harmed yourself or others!




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